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Two Tips for People on a Tight Budget Who Want to Improve the Security Levels in Their Home

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If you want to improve the security levels in your house but you're on a tight budget, here are some tips that should enable you to do this without spending a fortune.

Choose physical barriers (in the form of security screen doors and windows) rather than alarm systems

Ideally, it would be best to have both an alarm system and several types of physical barriers (i.e. security screen doors and windows) fitted in your home. However, if you have a limited supply of money available to spend on securing your home, and you can only afford one of these options, then you should probably choose the latter. It is better to put security screens in place that will stop an intruder from breaking into your home than it is to have an alarm system in the house that will inform you of their presence after they have already gained access.

A skilled and well-prepared burglar can do a lot of damage and steal a large number of items in the few minutes it takes for the police to arrive after an alarm system in a house goes off. As such, whilst this alarm system might reduce the amount of time a criminal has to take your belongings, it won't physically prevent them from doing so.

Conversely, security screens on your doors and windows will reduce the risk of an intruder managing to get into your property in the first place.

Focus on the numerous free steps you can take to improve your home's security levels

It's important to remember that whilst the aforementioned screens are a worthwhile investment, there are many other steps that you can also take to improve the security levels in your home without spending any more money.

For instance, you might want to remove any features from your outdoor space that could serve as hiding spots for potential intruders. Things like large bushes, trees with wide trunks and big garden statues are all examples of objects that an intruder could hide behind whilst lurking outside your home and plotting how they will break in.

Additionally, you should get into the habit of putting high-value items (like a high-end racing bike or a ride-on lawnmower) that you usually leave out in your garden into your (lockable) garage. This will not only help to prevent these items from being stolen but will also ensure that they do not lead any burglars who might be monitoring your home to conclude that you own lots of valuable items and that the property is, therefore, worth burglarising.