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Modern Features that you Should Look for in your Security System

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Whether protecting your home or business, you need security systems that can keep up with emergent threats and provide a safer environment for you, your family and your workers. As threats become more sophisticated in their ability to compromise and access secured properties, security systems need to keep up with these challenges and implement more reliable surveillance and alarming options.

As a result, modern security systems contain advanced features that enable you to better keep an eye on your property and to modify the system in a manner that suits your specific needs. Here are some of the modern features you can expect to see in new security systems.

Mobile control and surveillance

Previous models of security systems could only be controlled through a centralised control panel that was at a specific location. Therefore, you couldn't make changes to the system if you weren't home or in the office. Modern systems have now implemented the ability for you to control the security framework from mobile locations using a smart phone application or a tablet.

This is possible because the features of the security system are equipped with sensors that can pick up signals from integrated mobile applications, giving you the ability to control the system from almost anywhere.

Integration with multiple systems and devices

Modern security systems do much more than enable you to control them when you're away from home. They can also be linked with your locks, home appliances and lights to work in a coordinated manner.

This means that you can set different levels of security to coordinate with lighting, home temperature, and the doors that are open/closed. For example, right from your mobile app, you can set the lights to dim when you lock the doors or for the HVAC to turn off when the windows are unlocked. The customisation options are extensive.

Increased protection capabilities

Simply put, modern security systems offer better protection than previous versions. In the past, most systems relied on phone lines to transmit signals from the home to control centres where an emergency response could be initiated. These phone lines were prone to failure and a single disconnected cable meant that the entire system could be compromised.

Modern systems are able to use more efficient cellular connections and fibre optic cables to transmit both audio and video images to and from the security system. You can now receive images from surveillance cameras quicker, and even when the power is out or the connection is down.

To top it off, modern systems are also easier to use, with highly intuitive interfaces that make it simple for anyone to set up and run their security system.