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Essential Attributes that Mall Managers Should Look at When Hiring an Armed Guard

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With most families preferring to spend their free time, especially weekends, in malls, security has become of utmost importance for mall managers. The situation has increased the need for armed security guards. However, with many people out there applying for security guard positions, not all are capable of handling an armed guard's job description. As such, mall managers find it challenging to recruit armed guards with the required competencies to perform their duties as needed. This article tries to simplify essential attributes your potential armed guard should exhibit if you want to assure your customers of their safety.

Physical Fitness -- It is one thing running with just a baton strapped around your waist and another having a baton, firearm, and cuffs on around your waist. The combined weight of these gadgets is enough to weigh down the average person. Therefore, it is critical that the armed guard you decide to hire can run at least a hundred meters or so without necessarily running short of breath. The main reason is that malls have different floor levels and an armed guard will be required to walk or run through flights of stairs or along the entire lengths of the mall's floors. Additionally, security guards might be required to tackle big people, and if they are not physically fit then your customers' safety will not be guaranteed. 

Alertness -- One of the most important attributes of a security guard is alertness. With hundreds of people coming in and out of malls, it can be a challenging task keeping track of the happenings around. However, it is exactly what a professional armed guard is required to do. The risk of a guard missing a suspicious activity is a safety threat to the customers. Therefore, the security guard you are looking to hire should be able to stay focused by filtering away all the distractions that might affect his concentration levels.

Communication Skills -- Exhibition of excellent communication skills is one way through which the security guard you are looking to hire should endear to mall goers. For example, security guards do not have to wear a serious face for them to keep dangerous people away. Smiling at customers is one great way to create a friendly environment without necessarily jeopardizing the safety of others. Additionally, when there is an incident, you want an armed guard that will pass a concise and clear message to fellow guards within the mall.