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How to Select a Storage Cabinet for Flammable Liquids

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A specialised storage cabinet can help to prevent or contain a fire from starting if you keep flammable liquids, such as fuel for the back up generator, in your business premises. This article discusses some of the key attributes that you should consider as you select a storage cabinet for those flammable liquids.

The Walls

The top, bottom and side walls of the storage cabinet should be made from very thick sheets of steel. Thicker walls will be less likely to fail in case they are subjected to intense heat during an accidental fire. You should therefore compare the thickness of different cabinets before you select the thickest one available.

The Joints

Examine the joints of the different flammable liquid storage cabinets available. Pick a cabinet whose joints are tightened using a resilient method, such as welding or riveting. Such a storage cabinet will rarely explode under the intense pressure generated by a fire within its contents. Avoid cabinets whose joints appear to have been glued together because such joints can easily fail when a fire breaks out within the cabinet.

The Locking Mechanism

Pick a storage cabinet that has a locking system having a three-point latch. Such a latch will keep the cabinet securely locked, and it will not be easy for the cabinet doors to be opened accidentally, such as by a curious child. That latch can also withstand any pressure that may be exerted upon it by a flammable liquid that is burning inside the storage cabinet.

The Door Sill

It is also advisable for you to select a storage cabinet whose door sill is as high as possible (two inches off the bottom, for example). A raised door sill is helpful in retaining any spilt liquid within the storage cabinet. This containment is crucial because it can prevent a fire from spreading beyond the storage container.

Warning Labels

Pick a storage cabinet that has appropriate warning labels that are clearly visible to anyone approaching the cabinet. The warnings should alert people to keep fire away from the storage cabinet. The wording of the warning may vary in accordance with the applicable regulations in your area.

Work with a fire protection services provider in your area in case you need to develop specifications for custom-made storage cabinets for the flammable liquids that you use in your line of work. Those experts will give you information that will enable you to get the best storage cabinets at an affordable cost.