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3 Tips for Increasing Your Home's Security Without Making It Look Like a Prison

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Increasing your home's security can sometimes make you feel like you're living in a prison, and you may not like the idea of over-sized, unattractive security cameras greeting you every time you arrive home. Some security measures can easily detract from your home's overall appearance, but some can actually enhance your home's appearance while increasing security. Note a few simple tips for making your home secure and lose the ball-and-chain look.

1. Add remote locking mechanisms

Remote locks can be connected to an app that you use on your smartphone. This can allow you to check and see if doors and windows are locked, and to control those locks when at the office or on the road. You can unlock the door for your children and then lock them securely again once they're inside. Because these remote locks work with wires that are installed inside the walls, they won't detract from your home's appearance and are virtually invisible.

2. Cover your security cameras

One reason that you may not see security cameras when you go shopping or are at a restaurant is that they're often covered by a dome that looks like a light fixture. You can invest in the same type of covering for small security cameras you install outside your home. The dome can look like a porch light so it's very unobtrusive.

Security cameras can also be hidden in shrubbery or enclosed in an artificial rock, so they too are virtually invisible. Investigate options like these if you like the function of security cameras but don't like their overall look. Learn about your options by consulting suppliers and experts like Bonds Security Products.

3. Install security doors and windows

Today's security doors and windows are much more ornate and attractive than ever before, as manufacturers know that homeowners don't like their house to resemble a compound or jail. A security door for the front or back can include ornate scrollwork, as can bars that go in front of your windows. This makes them look decorative and not just functional. Security windows can also be made of thicker panes that are virtually impossible to break.

Security doors can also include door walls that you would use for access to a patio. These may have a metal scrollwork, be made of thick glass, or include a metal screen that you can slide in front of the door when it's closed. These too can be very decorative but also keep this vulnerable area of your home secure.