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Security Cameras versus Guard Dogs: A Look at Five Exciting Categories

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Many homeowners erroneously think they do not need a security camera if they have a guard dog. However, that is not the case. If you are worried about home security, a security camera is typically the best option. Here is a look at how cameras compare to dogs in five exciting categories:

1. Liability

If your guard dog bites anyone, you may be held liable for the incident. Luckily, the laws in most states allow dogs to bite in self-defence or to protect their owners. However, even if your dog does attack in defence, you may still get taken to court where the subjective self-defence or unprovoked-bite issue will be determined by a judge. Obviously, a security camera cannot attack anyone.

2. Homeowner's Insurance Premiums

Because of the liability risks of many dogs—especially the breeds that are the best known for being effective guard dogs – your homeowner's insurance premiums may increase due to your dog. In contrast, your premiums may go down if you install a security camera in your home.

3. Proof of Criminal Activity

If your dog attacks a thief and the thief gets away, you may be able to find the thief using DNA from the human skin that is in your dog's claws or between his teeth. However, that only works if the robbery detective is willing to take the investigation that far, and even if you get the DNA, the thief needs to have his or her DNA on file or it is worthless information.

With a security camera, in contrast, it is much easier to gather proof of a crime. You just roll the video and look for a face. Then, you can easily create "wanted" posters or spread the word about this particular criminal.

4. Remote Control

Even if your dog listens to your every command, you can only control him or her when you are within earshot. Your security camera, however, can be controlled from anywhere. Many cameras have built-in apps. With certain apps, you can turn on or off the camera, zoom in and watch footage from wherever you are as long as you have a smartphone or a laptop and an internet connection.

5. Theft

Unfortunately, dognapping happens. If you have  guard dog that is a desired breed, you run the risk of the dog being stolen by people who want to breed or sell it. In other cases, dogs may be stolen for dog fighting rings. Security cameras (like those from Adept Security Pty Ltd) can be bolted to your home so that they can be damaged but not stolen.